September newsletter #1


Speaking recently of his masterpiece Maus, the American artist Art Spiegelman said, “All I really wanted to do was make a long comic book that needed a bookmark.” Little did Spiegelman know that his comic would be christened a graphic novel, and would become one of the most iconic works of its kind… This fall, in honor of the long-form comic, we are proud to focus on the very best of the graphic novels that our publishers have to offer. From Catherine Meurisse’s breathtaking account of her childhood in the countryside to a fascinating biography of Charles Darwin‘s formative years, to an engrossing take on the Salem witch trials of 17th-century New England, this rentrée littéraire is one not to be missed.

And so as the days get shorter and the evenings chillier here in France, we invite you to join us in smelling the freshly-dried ink and sharpened pencils. This is the season of graphic novels, and they are bound to make you grateful that fall is on the horizon. Don’t forget your bookmarks!