Brain training with MFR


It’s hard to imagine a more precious part of the body than the brain, the center of our thoughts and rationality. When physics genius Albert Einstein died, his brain was so sought after that it was stolen by a pathologist who wanted to use it for his neurological studies! This crime of the century is recounted hilariously by Pierre-Henry Gomont in his new graphic novel La fuite du cerveau (Brain Bolt).

Our brains may not be worth Einstein’s, but our new releases can still help to train them… Read about the latest scientific research in the collection Soif (Thirst), or learn more about Spanish history under Franco in the graphic novel Nous aurons toujours 20 ans (We’ll Always be Twenty). And for children, what better than the Fox-Badger family’s educational series to stay sharp?

Remember: the brain is like a muscle, you have to train it to keep it in shape. But don’t go overboard, or someone may want to snatch it away…