MFR Goes Planetary


That’s right — this month we’re packing some serious bags for intergalactic adventures. The new science-fiction graphic novel “Aiôn” follows Captain Lexi Neel, woken from a deep hyper-sleep years ahead of schedule to find herself on a mysterious moon… Then there’s “Hercule“, a young reader’s trip into space in the lively company of Hercule and his friend Marlon, students at the School of Intergalactic Agents whose very first mission to Earth does not go as planned! Finally, the newest cycle of the hit science-fiction series, “Retour sur Aldébaran“, takes us back to the planet where it all began.

All of this space action is perfectly timed as we approach the 50th anniversary of Apollo’s landing on the moon. What better time to remind you about the incredible best-selling graphic novel published last year by Dargaud, “Inside an Astronaut’s Flight Suit“, a hilarious look behind the scenes of an astronaut’s six-month trip to the International Space Station. More than 160,000 copies were sold in 2018, and we’re currently on its 15th reprint… Ask us now for a sample English excerpt.

In the same vein, we’re also pleased to announce the upcoming Dupuis children’s album “Le premier pas sur la lune”, an educational look back at the Apollo landing, as well as the best-selling  “L’univers. Créativité cosmique et artistique”, written by renowned Canadian scientist Hubert Reeves and published in the “Bédéthèque” collection with Le Lombard.

We invite you to take a look below at the rest of our new titles on offer this spring. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll be over the moon!

The MFR Team