A queen, a monk, and a dragon


What elements do you think make the perfect tale? A medieval setting, epic battles, intriguing characters, frightening creatures? Among this month’s releases, you’ll find all of these things and much more!

Every good tale needs a queen! To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, this new graphic novel illustrates the crucial moments in the Queen’s life and gives the reader documented information about her reign and her personal growth.

Why not add a wise monk to the mix? You’ll find one in Feuilles Volantes, the new graphic novel by Alexandre Clerisse, where three characters, in three different moments in time, each write the other’s story, in a loop of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Who doesn’t love a tale about monsters? Luckily, in Le Bestiaire du crépuscule, you will find all kinds of dark and fantastic creatures. But if you want to stick to tradition, we also have a dragon in Les Mémoires du Dragon Dragon: though, I must warn you, he doesn’t really have a tail or breath fire…

Now that you have all the elements of the perfect tale, it’s up to you to create your own!