A step back in time with MFR


Understanding the past is crucial when dealing with present-day issues, especially in times like these when history seems to be repeating itself. This month at Mediatoon, we have a wide selection of historical comics that will help us take a step back in time and better understand how our society has evolved.

Come along for an epic ride across the plains of 17th century Ukraine, and meet the Cossacks, a group of warriors who recognize no master. With this new series, learn their ways and join them in their fight for freedom.

The Middle Ages are often referred to as the “dark ages,” but thanks to La Véritable Histoire du Moyen Âge you will learn that it was actually a period of abundant creation and innovation, through 20 key dates.

Join the Vikings as they perform their perpetual raids on a rapidly-evolving Christian world. Their leader, Chief Reidolf, knows that they must adapt their customs in consequence, but how do you change something when it’s all you’ve ever known?

We hope that these historical comics, as well as the many other ones in our catalog, will inspire us all to build a better world, where war only exists in fictional works.