Resolutions for the New Year


The New Year has arrived, but the world still seems to be dealing with the same, old problems. Luckily, our 2022 catalog is filled with enterprising characters who are ready to face these long-lasting issues with fresh new solutions.

Amalia, the main character from Aude Picault’s new graphic novel, is highly unsatisfied with her stressful life, stuck in a world where everything is about profit and productivity. Her burnout will prompt her to slow down and appreciate the little things.

In the new series U4, four teenagers live in a dystopian world where the population has been decimated by—surprise, surprise—a deadly virus. They will have to go back in time and attempt to prevent the catastrophe.

The (Nearly) Zero-Waste Family’s mission to adopt a fully sustainable lifestyle is going great, until their plan is boycotted by two evil creatures: their selfish cats.  But when we are talking about our planet’s future, no compromises can be made!

The MFR team hopes that, just like our heroes, you will fulfill all your New Year’s resolutions, and wishes you an excellent 2022!