We are the champions!


Dear partners,

With the Olympics just around the corner, it’s time to step up our game!

Fortunately, we’ve prepared some albums that will awaken your sporting spirit and put you in the perfect mood for the upcoming competitions.

In À la recherche de la médaille d’or, Romain Gallissot and Lionel Serre are taking us on a very interesting treasure hunt, from gyms to velodromes, from grandstands to sports complexes. And what should we be looking for? Well, Loozmania, the contry organizing a major international sporting event, has misplaced their precious gold medal! Everyone is welcome to join!

And if you’re not familiar with the Olympic Games, Ariane and Nino, our favorite time-traveling duo, will tell you all about the history of this incredible competition.

Speaking of history, we have prepared some special books for all the WWII aficionados out there.

La Seconde Guerre mondiale en BD tells a complete story of the Second World War in a single volume, covering all the details of the greatest conflict in human history.

For those who perfer to read more about a single event, Une histoire du débarquement de Normandie-Provence is an ideal choice,  as it provides an in-depth look at the Normandy landings.

In case you’re interested in the other (a bit darker) side of the story, MP – Police Militaire sheds new light on the Omaha Beach landings.

Enjoy your readings!