The power of a (s)word


Can words be more disruptive and harmful than weapons?

In Furieuse, the rewriting of the Excalibur legend, Princess Ysabelle is certainly in favor of weaponry: she wouldn’t be able to escape her tragic destiny and save her reign without the help of her magic sword. Our lonesome cowboy Lucky Luke wouldn’t trade his gun for jest either, since the former is far more useful in a showdown.

But sometimes, a more subtle way than violence is necessary to reach one’s goals. This is the case for Serine, the court jester who unmasks the plot against the Queen using only her own wit and puns in De Cape et de mots.

In the past, the city of Alexandria had built its grandiosity on the power of words. And how to forget all these historical figures that changed the world using nothing else than their ideas, like the philosopher Aristotle?

Whether you choose to fight with swords or with words, we can only advise that you use them wisely.