We Are Family!


They may annoy us with their pranks, steal our clothes, and trap us in endless arguments over pointless things… But when it comes to supporting us in overcoming difficulties, there’s no better ally than a sibling.

In the new YA graphic novel Toutes les princesses meurent après minuit, a teenage girl, who is dealing with heartache and an urge to rebel against her parents, and her younger brother, who is exploring his feelings for their neighbor, will find in each other the strength and support to accept themselves.

Sometimes, your true family is the one you choose. The girls from Filles Uniques have families that are far from ideal, but their friendship will create the safe space they need to come of age.

In the silent book Les vies dansent, Louna and Fatou live many miles away from each other and have nothing in common besides their passion for music. When Louna’s parents adopt Fatou, music will bring the two girls together and help them overcome their differences and build a sisterly bond.

Besides being a constant source of love and support, siblings can also be a lot of fun. Then what better way to spend the holidays than with your own family? Join Les Couzz for their crazy summer adventures with their Granny Maomoush!