Atypical heroes for out-of-the-ordinary adventures


Society’s changing rules and standards can be impossible to keep up with. However, in comics as in real life, those who defy the norms are often those most suited to face extraordinary events.

Agughia, the young heroine from the comic of the same name, survives off petty theft until the day she steals a mysterious object, triggering a tragically comedic chain reaction that will change the future of her dystopian world.

Ruppert and Mulot’s new graphic novel stars Orsay, a lonely teenager whose life is turned upside down the day he encounters a creature that endows him with special powers in his hands. In La Dame Blanche, 30-year-old Estelle works in a nursing home where she has a unique relationship with the residents… all the while hiding an unspeakable secret.

Atypical heroes have seduced readers throughout history, and one of the oldest among them is detective Sherlock Holmes, back now for the second part of an absorbing new investigation.