L’enfant terrible


Smart and rebellious children are a recurring theme in literature and a mixed blessing for many parents around the world. This month, they are also the characters of several of our new releases, defying adults’ authority with their striking and unorthodox behaviors.

Meet Billie, a stubborn little girl with a great sense of humor and a baby monster as her best friend. She may remind you of the mischievous yet adorable Ana Ana, who is back this month with a new adventure.

Sometimes a practical joke can go horribly wrong. When the class bully tries to pull one of his usual pranks, the kids from Perdus dans le Futur (Lost in the Future) fall down a tunnel and find themselves trapped in a hostile future.

In Filles Uniques (The Misfits Club for Girls), you will find all kinds of troubled kids. This second volume is all about Celeste, a reserved girl with an awful secret. Their stories show us that all children, whether they be precocious, smart, immature, or even tyrannical, are only seeking love and protection.