Old faces, new places


We live in the age of the reboot, where every few years our favorite heroes are reimagined and given a fresh start. And who knows fresh beginnings better than Scrooge? We all know what his stance on Christmas was, but Munuera wonders if things would’ve been different if he’d been a woman.

We’ve also seen heroes turn into villains, and vice-versa, but what if they were merged together? Sure, Robin Hood is a good guy, but what if he and the sheriff of Nottingham were the same person? Brugeas, Herzet, and Dellac have created a twisted retelling of the popular legend.

Our beloved Marsupilami is back as well, thanks to the incredible imagination of Flix. Speaking of which, if you want to “flex” your muscles, especially the ones in your brain, then Catherine Meurisse’s fresh takes on Socrates, Rousseau, and Deleuze will definitely suit you.

Whatever you choose, you won’t miss, because we all need a fresh start from time-to-time.