Art at the heart of comics


Comics are a celebrated art form, officialized in the Franco-Belgian tradition as the neuvième art: the ninth art. Their rich connections with other forms of artistic creation help make art come alive, as in the selection below.

In Les Aventures de Munich dans Marcel Duchamp, Roman Muradov imagines the life of Duchamp in Munich, where no one heard from him for a year. A creative and elegant take on the life of a wonderful artist.

Travel journals, too, burst with art and creativity, and the wonderful illustrations of Joël Alessandra are a reminder of this unique practice in Les Voyages d’Ibn Battûta. In this opus, he succeeds in bringing readers across 70,000 miles of incredible landscapes with his captivating watercolors.

Finally, the fifth volume of Emma et Capucine is now out! As usual, dance, the 5th art form, is beautifully depicted in both its classical and hip-hop esthetic. The two sisters have mixed feelings about going on vacation, but with dance, you can express yourself everywhere!

The MFR Team