Rights Requests

In this section, you will find further information to make a publication rights or a reproduction rights request.

For all requests to publish in a language other than French a comic book or a graphic novel, send your offer to contact.mfr@mediatoon.com.

For Spanish-languages publishers looking to acquire World Spanish rights (Spain and Latin America), please send us separate offers for each continent. In addition, we ask that you specify all the geographical territories where the title(s) will be distributed.

For English-language publishers looking to acquire World English rights, a single contract may be signed, but we ask that you specify the intended territories of distribution.

For all requests to reprint materials originally appearing in a comic book or graphic novel, please download the form below, fill it out electronically and send it to reprint.mfr@mediatoon.com.

The form covers requests to reprint Media-Participations materials in all print and digital media including books, magazines, newspapers, journals, presentation manuals, textbooks and on Internet sites. Please make sure to fill out all of the details pertaining to the work for which you wish to acquire a reprint permission; otherwise we will not be able to process your request.

Reprint permissions are valid for a period of five years, after which a renewal must be obtained.

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