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Book categories
Mainstream bandes dessinées (BD) are the closest we come to “comics” in the Anglo-Saxon sense. Covering all genres from sci-fi to drama, thrillers or historical fiction, these books are written as series of single, hardcover volumes, usually of 48 up to 64 pages. After their initial publication, they are often published again in compilations. Mainstream BD makes up the majority of our catalogue.
Illustrated books are outside the category of sequential comics; rather, they are picture books, special editions, or art books published in hard- and softcover formats. Novels for young readers, in addition to books based on existing audiovisual material, complete this category.
Graphic novels are book-length comics with a strong narrative base, drawn in strips and usually published as single, “one-shot” volumes of 80, 96 pages or more. Graphic novels are often drawn and written by the same author and may draw their inspiration from historical, biographical, or autobiographical events. Graphic novels may also be experimental, both visually and dramatically speaking, and are sometimes published in black and white.
Children’s and Family titles are bandes dessinées oriented toward a younger audience or whole families. Compilations of humorous, slapstick-style strips are common in this category, but there are also bandes dessinées with full narrative arcs.

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