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Mediatoon Licensing : our team and our services

Mediatoon Agency represents strong brands, new content, and TV programs for the whole family. We specialize in foreign rights sales, marketing strategies, graphic/art design, legal and contract managment.

The Agency is divided into three teams: Mediatoon Foreign Rights, Mediatoon Licensing, and Mediatoon Distribution. The Mediatoon teams and agents are based in Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Munich, Milan, Barcelona, and Madrid.
Our key customers are publishing companies like Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard, Kana, Fleurus, and Ankama. We also work with audiovisual production companies such as Ellipsanime and Belvision and the video game production company Anuman.



Mediatoon Foreign Rights sells international publishing rights to comic books, graphic novels, and illustrated books for all ages.

We represent the following Media-Participations group publishers:


as well as independent publishers:


We sell rights to renowned works of the Ninth Art such as Lucky Luke, Blake and Mortimer, Valérian, Thorgal, Spirou, and Blacksad. Works from our catalogue have found their way into dozens of languages and have won awards and prizes in contests around the world.

Our department is also responsible for handling the foreign rights for derivative editions of the animation series produced by the Media-Participations group.

We have a network of around 1,900 businesses, publishers, sub-agents and scouts, with over 4,300 individual contacts in 81 countries. Contracts are signed annually for an average of 1,600 titles.

Spreading comics culture worldwide

Mediatoon Foreign Rights is also at the origin of the Europe Comics project, a large-scale digital project supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme. It publishes high-quality English-language translations of some of the finest European comics in an effort to spread their richness and variety around the world. Today the project is a thirteen-partner pan-European alliance uniting comic book publishers, agents and an audiovisual production company from eight countries. The Europe Comics collective digital imprint publishes around 200 new titles a year. In addition to publishing, Europe Comics also organizes author tours and events and reports on news and data from the comic book world.

Visit Europe Comics’s website to learn more about this project.

At Mediatoon Licensing, we enhance and develop the brands entrusted to us by rights-holders. We work in four specialized teams:
– Marketing: based on the strategy, values, and reputation of our client brands, the marketing team proposes made-to-measure promotional campaigns.
– Sales: the sales team is made up of 11 agents who negotiate international licenses under the best possible conditions both for the grantor and the grantee.
– Graphic design: our team of designers defines the corporate identity and style guidelines of our client brands for representation in print and digital media.
– Legal: our legal team writes contracts and ensures their quick and efficient implementation.

Thanks to these four teams, the brands that we work with (Lucky Luke, Marsupilami, Naruto, Valérian, Spirou, Garfield, and countless others) have been able to find their way into many consumer product categories (games, toys, textiles, video games, food items, musical comedies), as well as indoor and outdoor theme parks, press operations, sales promotions and collectibles.

Mediatoon Distribution successfully manages and markets iconic shows worldwide. Its expertise has been recognised internationally with awards such as Best Distributor of the Year and Best Export Prizes for shows such as Cedric, SamSam and Trotro.

Thanks to our in-house studios (Belvision, Dargaud Media, Dupuis Audiovisuel, Ellipsanime, Storimages), third party producers and other major anime partners, Mediatoon’s catalogue consists of over 3,000 hours worth of entertainment. This includes iconic series such as Garfield, SamSam, Tintin, Trotro, Code Lyoko and Naruto, all of which continue to cement Mediatoon’s position as one of the leading Kids and Family IP managers and animation distributors in Europe.

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