A man’s best friend


Dear partners,

Is there a love purer than the one between a human and their pet? This month, we bring you some touching and exciting tales of human-animal friendships that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Rosamée’s third volume brings back the exploits of Rosamée and her bird Gaspy as they attempt to solve the mystery of the nearby island she is forbidden from going to… This makes for a thrilling read that will keep readers on their toes!

Also, the first volume of the new series Claire et Malou is filled with charm and fun, and features a dynamic duo composed of a young girl and her adorable dog best friend as they prepare for her upcoming birthday. 

For those looking for something a bit different, this month also delivers some exhilarating adventure stories, particularly in the manga format!

Run to Heaven follows the journey of Fee, who, after joining a sports festival, finds herself running for her freedom when a war breaks out in this futuristic world.

The third volume of Silence continues the fascinating and unique tale of a world where the only way to avoid the terrible monsters that roam it is to not make a single noise.

This selection only represents a fraction of this month’s releases: check out the list below to see the rest!