Quand j’ai froid

Louise lives a quiet life, mostly alone and busy with her studies. Then, one winter’s day, she meets the woman in the apartment next door—a little old lady with bundles of energy, a constant smile on her lips, and endless stories to tell. Stories of ice skates and woolly scarves, of the power of love and the meaning of flowers, of growing up and learning to ride a bike… Month by month as winter gives way to spring, the two women enjoy sharing their present lives and past memories—memories that become less and less clear…


Spring is here, so there’s no question of staying cooped up indoors: the Couzz go for a walk. But when Mamoush and the gang stumble across a lost sheep, the walk quickly turns into an adventure! But don’t panic, the solution is never far away. A passing bookmobile takes them to the nearest farm…

Le carnet des petits radis

Camille is eleven years old. He moved to Rennes at the start of spring break. He’s not looking forward to his new school. He’s not looking forward to his new class either. But his new hobby might just change his mind: he’s started growing radishes, noting his observations in a notebook every day… Nature has its share of surprises and beautiful encounters in store for him.

Oneira – tome 3

Now that Cardinal Lemegton has revealed his true face, a confrontation seems inevitable. Trapped, Venus and Bastione have no choice but to engage in bloody battle. Meanwhile, in the throes of grief, Arane is submerged by a wave of bloodlust in the heat of battle. But will this outlet be enough to soothe her heavy heart?

Mon carnet Elles

The adventures of Elle, the young woman with multiple personalities, may be over, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to leave our lives. In fact, she’ll be inviting herself into our lives on a daily basis, thanks to this notebook that allows users to record the details of their own lives as their emotions dictate. For we all have something of Elle, in that not every day is the same… An invitation to write, this Carnet Elles is sure to delight the many fans of the event series.

En vert et contre tous !

School is more than ever at the center of all moral and political concerns: it starts with two frogs who intend to separate boys and girls. It continues with the Minister of Education imposing a return to full mornings of dictation seven days a week… Ducobu will need all his ingenuity to continue lazing around happily with his favorite first-grader!

Meuf – Guide pour nos filles

An illustrated guide for parents with teenage daughters that openly addresses the issues they face. Drawing on a wide variety of data on adolescent problems, Marie Dubois creates imagined conversations around sexuality and attitudes towards the body with both sympathy and humor.

Le Crépuscule

In Victorian Britain, Christopher lives with his father and little sister Mary in a country village. His mother died giving birth to Mary, and when his sister is carried off one night by a terrifying creature, Christopher must summon all his courage to try to save her. With the help of Morrigan, the local madwoman, he sets out to find Mary and together they fly to the Kingdom Beyond, a supernatural world inhabited by the souls of the dead… There, everything is strange and frightening, and Christopher must overcome his fears, acquire new skills, make new friends, and learn about love, trust, and what it really means to be brave.

Cicatrices tome 1

A love story between two schoolkids, Kyonosuke and Akira, in a little village in the Japanese countryside. Kyonosuke has had a skin graft to his face, leaving it permanently scarred, and has to put up with constant bullying, while Akira, his classmate, is beaten by her father for saying she wants to be a girl. When they meet and fall in love, they decide to escape their toxic environments. But
are they strong enough to accept each other, and themselves, as they are?

Une rencontre inattendue

Sven is the son of a Viking navigator. Tanka is the son of a Native American chief. Since the family of one has built its village on the American lands of the other, cultures have collided! But not for Sven and Tanka, who understand each other from the moment they meet. Together, they discover their differences, the wilderness and even the spirits of nature.