Be wild and break the rules


To get out of a difficult situation, you may sometimes have to use your wit and find solutions that bend the rules. This month’s heroes are not the luckiest guys around, but with their fanciful tricks they will surely find a way out of trouble!

In Pierre-Henry Gomont’s new graphic novel Slava, two marauders in post-URSS Russia are making a living by stealing all kinds of trinkets and selling them to rich investors.

Thriving in the American West is quite impossible without a little craftiness. Follow the mysterious Joe as he crosses the great desert landscapes and bumps into several ruffians all while trying to keep the secret about his shady past. Billy the Kid, on the other hand, is not the coolest kid in school, but with an imaginative trick, he manages to teach the school’s bully a lesson!

What if you were a monster, and the only rule to follow was to be bad and mean? Then, the greatest rebellion, as Flop in L’École des petits monstres teaches us, would be to just… be good!