Great times call for great comics!


Hello there!

Hope you had a great vacation! Well, why not just keep having a good time with some titles that came out in the meantime?

Menji will surely take you on a grand adventure in this long-awaited second volume. The serpent-dragon has awakened, and it was our hero who, with the help of his friends, managed to get hold of this strange creature who thinks he’s his mother.

Also promising a thrill ride is the second volume of Slava, Pierre-Henry Gomont’s tragicomic trilogy. Once again, Gormont portrays, with his characteristic verve and talent, the troubled destiny of Slava and Lavrine.

And what can the crew of Frédéric Maupomé & Dawid’s Supers offer if not an exciting journey?

That’s right, a bunch of books piled up during the summer. Throw a dart and you will hit a good one!