A frightening night with MFR


Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here, and we want to help kids worldwide get in the mood with our thrilling new releases. If you are looking for a spooky (but funny) adventure, the vampires and zombies from Zombillenium will gladly greet you in the latest volume of the brilliant black comedy.  And in a new middle-grade novel adapted from the Temps des Mitaines comics, four teenagers find themselves caught in a mysterious room where time seems to stop…

What better place than a graveyard to visit on Halloween night? In the last volume of the middle-grade trilogy Les Croques (Graveyard Sleuths), Colin and Céline will finally get to the bottom of their friend’s mysterious disappearance.

Sit down and brace yourselves for a long and frightening night!

Happy Halloween from Mediatoon Foreign Rights