Books you shouldn’t miss


In the brightest day, in the blackest night, none of these… comics! should escape your sight! That is the mantra we followed while preparing this newsletter.

We are knee-deep in 2024, and a great number of equally great books have come out already.

Dargaud has launched a new imprint – COMBO, so be sure to check out their first two publications. Hana et Taru, a gripping heroic fantasy and Rivages Lointains, an album containing all the ingredients of a great Mafia storiy, with a twist.  

If you want to see what your favorite side characters are up to, then the new volume of XIII Mystery will serve you a special plate of intriguing spy stories.

But if your heart is set to a different type of adventure, the final album of Lonesome brings a phenomenal end to the iconic western series.

And we can guarantee that Lourenco, Lamy and a huge groupe of artists have put a Whole Lotta Love into their Led Zeppelin book.