What's new in European comics publishing ?

The wait is over

It’s been said that good things come to those who wait. Luckily, that wait just may be over, because some […]

Ready, set… ACTION!

After a quiet and calm January, it was time for our favorite heroes to get back into action!  Tanguy and […]

Starting strong

Another year full of great comics is ahead of us, so we are starting strong, with powerful stories about inspiring […]

The perfect gift DOES exist

Whether you are giving or receiving them (ideally both), gifts always make you feel good. And who says that the […]

Old faces, new places

We live in the age of the reboot, where every few years our favorite heroes are reimagined and given a […]

The power of a (s)word

Can words be more disruptive and harmful than weapons? In Furieuse, the rewriting of the Excalibur legend, Princess Ysabelle is […]

Another year at Mediatoon Academy

Wake up everybody, it’s back-to-school time! Here at Mediatoon Academy, we have an extensive program that will provide you with […]

We Are Family!

They may annoy us with their pranks, steal our clothes, and trap us in endless arguments over pointless things… But […]

Be wild and break the rules

To get out of a difficult situation, you may sometimes have to use your wit and find solutions that bend […]

A queen, a monk, and a dragon

What elements do you think make the perfect tale? A medieval setting, epic battles, intriguing characters, frightening creatures? Among this […]

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