What's new in European comics publishing ?

So young, so rebellious

In dark times, it’s the young people who often question the status quo and stand up for their rights. This […]

Fantasy in the Reading Room

Ever since Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling became household names, the fantasy genre has been part and parcel of literature […]

When the going gets tough

Last year surprised us with all kinds of unexpected and tragic events. But when you scroll through the list of […]

We wish you a healthy new year!

The New Year has arrived, and custom has it that we exchange positive wishes for the months ahead. To put […]

Christmas Eve with MFR

The Angouleme Festival will not take place in its usual form this year, but the International Rights Market (MID) will […]

Old series, new adventures!

It’s that time of the year again! Characters you’ve known and loved for years are back on the shelves, raring […]

A frightening night with MFR

Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here, and we want to help kids worldwide get in the mood with our […]

Everyone needs a hero, right?

It seems like we all grew up with our own hero, mentor, or figure to look up to. Today, we […]

Brain training with MFR

It’s hard to imagine a more precious part of the body than the brain, the center of our thoughts and […]

An exciting fresh start

Each year, the end of summer brings its particular blend of nostalgia for the slow, hot weeks of holidays and […]

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