Hop in the autumn-mobile!


Let’s change the lyrics of a song, shall we? Because great books are falling in our hands!

So what do we have in stock for this autumn season?

First of all, there are a bunch of comebacks. Ana Ana and her brother Pico Bogue are joining us with their mischievous adventures. But they are not the only dynamic duo this month, since Boule & Bill and Blake & Mortimer are back as well!

The long-awaited second album of La Bête by Frank Pé and Zidrou has hit the shelves, so prepare for another fast and furious story of the legendary Marsupilami. 

But autumn is also a good time for fresh starts. After a TV show, Ernest and Rebecca are back with a reboot: a brand new story in a totally new format. And speaking of fresh starts, Sabrina Calvo and Jul Maroh are signing their debut book at Le Lombard with a queer sci-fi graphic novel Hacker la peau.

We’ve really enjoyed all these titles, and we’re sure that the future hit from your catalog lies among them.