Reading through the pandemic


Difficult times are up ahead for businesses worldwide but we are still here and running. As people settle into adapted lifestyles over the weeks to come, they’ll surely be turning to reading for entertainment and exposure to worlds outside the apartment. Lucky for them – and for you! – we have something for everyone.

Cooking and reading are two hobbies that Monster Délices brings together through the story of Kris and Hannah, cooks in a magical refrigerated world bursting with pastries and other culinary delights. But if you are looking for another kind of chill – suspense, that is – turn to Kiroho for a ghost story or De l’autre côté de la frontière for a classic crime mystery. Last but not least, if it’s curling up with tales of deep, dark family secrets you’re craving, we have just the thing: Les sœurs Grémillet will take you on the twisting, melancholy journey of three sisters trying to uncover their mother’s secret. International bestselling artist Alessandro Barbucci (W.I.T.C.H, Monster Allergy, Sky-Doll) illustrates the inaugural volume of this exciting new children’s series.

As usual, email us to request PDFs and more information on the titles that catch your eyes. There will always be someone to answer you.